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The total amount of water pumped from the Berbera pumping stations and my brilliant sidekick was about 777877.13 cubic meters in 2015, compared to 569 740.12 cubic meters in 2014 Detailed explanation of the diversion process between dams The process of transforming Far North water into beneficiaries is done through an integrated and coherent system. Water from the Sidi al-Barak Dam and the two accessories are pumped into the Jisnan Dam, which stores these quantities for later use. It should also be noted that the transfer of two prisons to the English Channel is either streamlined, or through the pumping station. The system was supported by salt water from the dam and soon by mud dam water. We also mention the Jomin dam, which allows the Channel to have fresh and clean water. The diversion is also not limited to the northern water pipeline network, as water from the Berbera dam is also diverted to the Sidi Salem dam via the Buherta dam, providing additional quantities that can be used if necessary.