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The Société d’exploitation des canaux et pipelines des eaux du Nord was created in accordance with Act No. 26 of 11 May 1984. It is, within the meaning of Chapter 1, a public institution of an industrial and commercial character with civil personality and financial independence. In this capacity, it assumes the mission of managing, operating and maintaining the hydraulic works placed under its control by the State, which are distributed in the States of the north, the greater Tunisia, the center and the coast, in addition to the tribal homeland, and they are a vital part of the water system in Tunisia.

It is an essential element of the water system in Tunisia, both economically and socially, because it assumes a strategic mission represented by the supply of about 60 percent of the needs of the National Water Exploitation and Distribution Company from raw water, which allows it to supply about six million people with access to drinking water, via the Majerdat Al-Watan Al-Quibli canal and the northern water pipes, at a rate of 320 million cubic meters per year.

On the other hand, the company provides irrigation water for about 55 thousand hectares of irrigated perimeters in Tunisia, or about 150 million cubic meters per year, or about 15% of the national irrigation water needs of public irrigation perimeters, in addition to helping replenish the water table.

The number of employees in the company is 421, including 369 registered employees and 52 contract employees who manage permanent schemes. The State has made available to the company a number of facilities and equipment that have continued to grow and expand. Compared with the beginning of its creation, the company’s activity has expanded and its scope of intervention has diversified as follows:

The company provides the following artisans: